Music Studio

Singers / Solo

We have a dedicated vocal booth for excellent vocal recording that captures every detail of your performance.  You can take away the recording or we can polish it for you including compression,  effects and digital tuning..without the autotuned sound(unless you want that of course).

We can build you professional commercial sounding tracks from words,  sung vocal parts, chords or performances that will take your song to the next level.

Maybe you are fed up with flat, lifeless sounding backing tracks?   We can produce your live backing tracks so your performance sounds bigger and better which ultimately means more gigs and more work.


Live sound and full band recordings in various environments.  We can record you at our studio or we can come to you.  We have a dry room,  large hall with great sound and a smaller controlled room.  We only use the best microphones, pre-amps and interfaces all recorded at more than double the quality of CD.

Not every band comes with a full string orchestra or a professional organist or pianist.  We’ll produce these parts for you to complete your songs and give them an extra dimension.  You can then use them live as overlays or mixed for the release of your song.

Media Projects

We can record and create a large style of music from folk to underground club.  Whether you need something simple for a training video or something unique for your TV show we have the team for it.

Something Special

Music is the most loved art form known to man.  It ties emotions and memories and lasts forever.  It doesn’t get much grander than recording a song for special occasion such as a wedding, birthday, funeral, or just about any other special occasion.  Checkout our Special Occasion offers here