Corporate Video

Promotional Video

We produce video for promoting products, services, funding applications, crowd funding and anything else you need video for.  Filming and video editing to titling and animation.  We can even build you custom music produced at our own music studio. 

Promotional videos can also include motion graphics to really drive the message to your viewers in the most efficient possible way.   Check out the different types of explainer animation here.

  • From just £120
  • Average cost from past projects £480

Training Video +Interactive

Training people cost a lot of time, money and inconvenience.  In many cases it’s a legal requirement.  We can create a video that will take care of it for you.  You just need to press play!

To ensure the message has been received, at the end of chapters or the whole video we can test learners with an attractive graphic rich quiz,  all automatically.   If your learner passes they can receive a certificate or if they fail they can be made to re-watch all or part of the video or they can be failed with no further action.  Records of training can be automatically logged and maintained for legal training record keeping.

  • From just £250
  • Average cost from past projects £940