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Want to develop your skills?  Need to upskill for a new job?  Want to find a fun new hobby?   Have fun learning something new in a relaxed and fun environment with FREE sessions and FREE qualifications.


Photography, Videography and VFX

Master the basics of photography and film making with industry standard software.  Learn the secrets of hollywood with  compositing and VFX.

Music and audio production. 

Learn the building blocks of music building for a wide range of genres from hiphop and dance to film and game.

Game development and interactive.

Learn the basics of the worlds most powerful games development environment, Unreal engine to create games without code using blueprints.  

Web sites and webapps.

Learn to code websites from scratch or use a CMS such as wordpress to develop advanced websites in just a few clicks.

Microsoft Office and google docs essentials. 

Improve your job prospects with essential office qualifications.  Get a free Level 2 Award in spreadsheets, word processing, and presentations.  

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We provide a wide range of digital technology solutions and provide local training in information technology and creative technologies.

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