We deliver training to groups and individuals looking to upskill their IT and creative skills.

With our unique training methods, you can be confident of a fast and effective learning experience that’s flexible to your needs.  If you’re a corporate group looking to upskill your workforce,  an individual looking for a new career in IT or creative or a fast track into a new hobby,  we pride ourselves on quality, accessible and fun training for all scenarios.  Our sessions can be run at our venue your own.  All our trainers are AET qualified.

Essential office

Arm yourself or your staff with the skills needed for the job efficiently with Microsoft office.   We also provide train in free alternative office software such as Google, Open Office and Libre office.  Save yourself a small fortune on software licensing!

Office Suite

Learn the essentials of the Microsoft Office suite.


Learn the essentials of Word and its time-saving tools.


Learn how to use a spreadsheet, the right way.


Avoid death by PowerPoint and learn how to create engaging presentations.


Learn how to organize yourself with one note.

Digital Creative

Learn the magic of Hollywood here at music art digital.  From music and video production to game creation and VR.

Special effects

Learn to create digital scenes for real-life actor compositing.

3D Mograph

3D creation and motion graphics.  Learn two animate titles, logos and CGI

Video Editing

Learn to edit and title video using industry-standard tools.


Learn to produce music and edit audio from a wide range of tools. 

Game Dev

Create interactive media for computers to consoles and mobiles to VR headsets.

Photo Editing

Format and manipulate images and export for specific platforms. 

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We provide a wide range of digital technology solutions and provide local training in information technology and creative technologies.

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